Chapter 3 is here!!! Finally :D

Chapter 3

Jeff’s story is one of many a trial and many a tribulation as well. Oh, I’m sorry, this is your faithful narrator here. I kind of jumped in to this story head first and just now realised that we may not have met yet. I will not take up too much of your time, I just wanted to let you know that if you’re keen on finding out what big mistake Jeff was making in the first paragraph you might need to skip ahead a bit. However, if you would like to find out what would make an ogre turn in to a tea drinking vegetarian, do read on because this is quite the tale.

“As I was saying”, Jeff said screwing up his face to show an annoyance he didn’t feel. He had found out that he quite liked telling stories and the fact that he had someone to talk to in the first place. He did decide that he would take this opportunity to change the start of his story a little though. When he had started talking before he had started like:”Many years ago, when this forest was much younger and so was I, was the first time that I started to notice that life had it out for me”. He now decided that this was both pompous and inaccurate so he started again saying:”I’ve felt like life had it out for me my entire life and about 10 years ago life confirmed this for me.

“I was leading a pretty run of the mill sort of life back then, Jeff continued. You know, wake up, quick bath, pillage, breakfast, get chased by people with pitchforks, dinner, story time, sleep. I was an ogre and a pretty good one too. I did everything that was expected of me. I did the swamp baths, I did the eating kids thing”. “Oh yes”, Jeff said, as Arnold scampered back up the mantle having just fallen off in a startled jump,” I used to do it all”. I even made it a point to kick at least 3 puppies at every pillaging  because I knew that would land me some extra credit with our leaders. Also, puppies make a pretty funny sound when they find themselves airborne all of a sudden. “Will you try to stay up there, please?” “I’m sorry, Arnold said, you just don’t seem the puppy kicking sort of fellow”. “Well, I’m not anymore, but back then, I didn’t know any better”. “I understand, I’m sure you’re father kicked puppies before you and his father before him right?” “Right, we’re not sure why, but legend has it that a puppy once peed on the boot of my grandgrandgrandfather and he was the first to kick a puppy. It quickly became a trend, as these things do”. “But really, they obviously started it”.

“So what happened then?” Arnold asked eager to move on to the non-puppy kicking part of the story. In all honesty, he didn’t like puppies either but he wasn’t going to let Jeff know that a young puppy of any breed would still have about 10 pounds on him and playful enthusiasm tended to get young squirrels roughed up badly.

“Well then he showed up”, Jeff continued. One day, me and the lads were on our way to a village on the outskirts of the forest. We had not been there in years and figured there would be a nice range of bite sized kids there by now. We were not wrong. What we hadn’t counted on was that they would be ninja’s. “Ninja’s?” Arnold asked, raising a furry eyebrow. “Yes, ninja’s! I later found out that right after our last tour through the village a monk had passed through the town, finding a lot of families in a bit of a state and quite ready to unite and finally fight back for once. Now, this wasn’t how it used to be with these villages. We kept a pretty comprehensive rota for the villages which gave them plenty of the time to make sure that the best and brightest would be safely tucked away by the time we would come around. Let’s just say that when parents warned their kids that if they didn’t behave we would come get them, they weren’t just issuing empty threats.”


“So on this particular day, me and the boys come rushing in all Ogrely and genuinely scaring the bejeezus  out of absolutely nobody. The town was absolutely deserted. At least, that’s what we thought at first. Then Sam, who I always considered my best friend by the way, spotted some movement on the roof of the town church. Next thing we know, we hear a battle cry rising out of a multitude of little throats, genuinely scaring the bejeezus out of us and the entrance to the town all of a sudden lights up like a Christmas tree. Only, it was lit up by a huge fire, effectively making sure that we could not leave the town without passing all the way through it to the other side. This, obviously, didn’t make sense. Why would these people want to keep us in town? At this point, Sam opted to get the hell out of there and we all agreed. So we barge in to a few houses to find some kids to take home for lunch, because we weren’t going to be push overs but found every house empty. When we stepped out of the third house Sam looked at me and said “Sod I…”, getting cut short by a pretty sizable rock to the face. I looked up to see three equally sizable rocks coming my way and ducked away just as they were slamming in to the house we had just left. When I had struggled back to my feet I caught Sam rushing to the other side of the street, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a tree trunk that had, just moments before, been suspended in the air between two walls in the dark alley he was chasing our attackers in.

This is obviously enough to get even the most docile ogre in quite a state and me and the lads got in to battle mode. Now, you must know that the Ogre war tactics are as disorganised as they are ferocious. In other words, we are very good at the charge, just not very good at charging in the same direction. So I sprint of in to town, immediately prompting the lads to sprint in opposite directions, going through houses, smashing in windows, basically making a right mess of things. When I looked over my shoulder I saw Jimmy, one of the biggest and dumbest Ogres I have ever met come out of a bakery with two large loves in his hand as if he had forgotten all about the attack and simply went in to get a snack. You know? In hindsight I think that might be absolutely plausible.

Anyway, next thing I know Jimmy is stuck to the front porch of the bakery by a very large pointy thing.

The origin of the very large pointy thing I later came to find out was the bell tower of the town church where it had nestled in the warm embrace of a crossbow just moments before being flung in to the air on a crash course with Jimmy’s right leg. At the very least this brought home the reality of things to Jimmy who immediately went on to yank the big pointy thing (far too large to be called an arrow) and go charging down towards the church. As this was my general direction too I decided to follow him. As we passed the town square I saw Dave getting ferociously attacked by several large bags of wheat in front of the butcher’s shop and my cousin Dennis found himself engulfed by the better part of the butcher’s slaughterhouse stock. As this happened on opposite ends of the square I couldn’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t have been easier to drop the cows from the butcher’s roof and the wheat from the bakers’ roof instead of the other way around.  Though the element of surprise is key in any type of warfare, this seemed a bit much.

As me and Jimmy barged in to the church and up the stairs to the bell tower we spotted the first shadowy figures of our assailants ducking away through the benches to the back exit of the church. Knowing that we had to take out the crossbow first I figured we had to go up there first and let them be for the time being. This turned out to be the first of many mistakes. In fact showing up to the village in the first place might take this price too but who’s counting right?

We arrived up top angry but also slightly winded. The Ogre lifestyle does not leave a lot of room for cardio and our raids were usually quick rush and grab jobs that didn’t take more than 2 minutes and were usually followed by long swamp baths after returning home.

Of course we found the bell tower empty. However, we did get a pretty good view of what had been happening to us on the ground. From our elevated position we could see the last of the children clambering down the butchers’ and the bakers’ drainpipes and rushing of towards the fields. Rushing around between cover were my fellow ogres who seemed to be having an increasingly bad time. We could also see that whatever had fuelled the fire was now slowly loosing its momentum and that the fire was dwindling down. Our friends below saw this too and some made it out of town. These were obviously the smarter ones but from our stand point at the time they were just pansies. After rushing back down to the square we met up with Dave and Dennis both covered in what would have made a really nice sandwich had the stuff been properly processed. As it wasn’t it was rather a ghastly sight. Especially Dennis who rocked up with a lot of bits of cow on him that should not be outside of a cow at any point. There was no need for words and for the first time in history a band of ogres rushed in to attack in an organised charge. That is, we all ran the same way.

“Would it surprise you if the afore mentioned fields were corn fields?” Jeff asked Arnold. Not waiting for an answer he replied himself:” they always have to be corn fields don’t they?”.

So the four of rushed after the now only barely distinguishable footsteps. The corn welcomed us in by closing the rather sizeable gap that we made in its outskirts immediately and the day just seemed to become a couple of shades darker. Now blinded by rage we pushed on until we could hear the soft murmur of children just a few yards up ahead. In a final push we crashed through the last bit of corn field. This is the exact moment that my hamstring started cramping up. I made it out of the cornfield just in time to see Jimmy, Dave and Dennis sprint of the side of the cliff. Their legs were still pounding away at an earth that was no longer there and the sudden shock of being air born made them even forget to scream. As I had slowed down enough because of the cramp I was able to skid to a halt just inches before the cliff face. However, that’s when gravity decided to catch up with my afternoons of lazing away and the force of every little pint of ale i have ever had and each and every one of my chins stopping suddenly snuck up on me to push me in the back. I went over but managed to grab hold of the ledge with an epic move of gymnastics if I do say so myself. I could hear the relieved laughter of a dozen children slowly fading away.

That’s when he looked over the edge and said the thing that would ultimately turn me off kids for good. 

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“A vegetarian Ogre?” Arnold asked, still out of breath. It was the first full sentence he had managed to produce in the last 20 minutes. He had tried to speak before but kept getting interrupted by another fit of laughter that rendered him speechless. Although Jeff had enjoyed the short spell of speechlessness from Arnold, as his incisive talking was already getting on his nerves, he hadn’t cared much for the laughing and pointing. So, about half way through, he had decided to go inside and make himself a cup of tea. Sitting back down on his doorstep with his tea he found out that he had managed to sit down right when Arnold found his composure and thus his voice again.

“And you drink tea?” Arnold demanded, scolding at the large bowl of a steaming tea-like substance. “What? I’m not allowed to drink tea?” Jeff asked? “No, it’s not that at all! Arnold said, raising his arms defensively, “It’s just that I had always imagined that ogres would drink, I don’t know, bug juice or swamp water”. “I had never fancied them to enjoy a nice cup of tea on an autumn afternoon”. “Well, we do, or at least I do, I can’t speak for any of the others of course”, Jeff replied.

“Yeah, that’s another thing. Whatever happened to the others? I’ve been all around these woods and you are just about the only ogre I’ve ever come across.” “I ran into a dragon a little while ago though. Have I told you about that?” Anyway, so I’ve seen my share of mythical monsters, but never an ogre.” “Aren’t you guys supposed to live in clans or something?” “What, did they kick you out because of your smell?” “Because, my God, you don’t do fresh air either do you?”

“Well, if you must know, my clan did sort of abandon me a little.” “What?! How did that happen?” Arnold couldn’t believe that he went from fearing for his life to talking to a vegetarian, tea drinking ogre in just the span of a morning. “Well, they sort of, told me that they were going hunting and that they needed me to guard their leaves”. “We were going through a trial period for a monetary system and as we only had leaves and rocks around, that was our money.” “It must not have been worth much to them, because they never came back to collect it.” If Arnold couldn’t believe that he would be talking to a vegetarian, tea drinking ogre before, he would have never even considered to feel sorry for one now. But that he did. He spread his arms and gave him the most genuine look that he had in his arsenal. “I’m sorry buddy, come on, bring it in”, completely ignoring the obvious proportional difficulties Jeff would face by doing so. Jeff looked at him and considered the offer, then extended a finger which was promptly given a great, big hug from Arnold.

After a period of time which extended way beyond the acceptable duration of a hug in Jeff’s book, Arnold let go of his finger. “At least that shut him up for a while”, Jeff thought as a new stream of questions was making it’s way out of the little rodents’ mouth. “So, what happened? Did you spit in to somebody’s mothers’ face? Did you kick somebody’s puppy? Do ogres have puppies? Do you think we could get a puppy? I’ve always wanted a puppy. “Who did you piss off?” Why did you piss him or her off?” Did he or she piss you off first?” Did you guys fight?” Did he or she win?” Is that why you are living here on your own?” Did you get your big, green butt kicked by a girl?” Is there such a thing as girl ogres?” What do they look like?” I’m straying a little aren’t I?” So, what happened?” I don’t want to talk about it”, Jeff said and walked back in to the house, slamming the door in Arnold’s face.

“You do realise that I’m only letting this door keep me out of your house out of respect right?” Arnold yelled through a gap big enough to fit him and 3 of his friends through comfortably. Jeff had made a great show of slumping down on a chair that faced the unlit fireplace. He now made an even bigger show of turning around slowly. “Not beyond a little drama, this one”, Arnold thought and liked his new best friend even better for it. Jeff turned the full force of his best “kicked puppy face” on Arnold. As much as he hated to admit it, Arnold was the first creature that talked to him in a number of years to big for him to remember.  Although annoying, this made Arnold the closest thing to a friend Jeff had had in a long time and if that didn’t cause “kicked puppy eyes” he didn’t know what would.

“Come in then, if you must”. Jeff buckled. Arnold did a little hop of joy and scurried on to the mantle of the fireplace so he could blast the full fury of his compassion in Jeff’s face. He lied down on his front, propped his head up with his claws, slowly wagged his tail in (in his mind)a soothing manner and invited Jeff to: “Talk to me, friend”. This was all going incredibly well for Arnold. He loved a good story and anything that could turn an Ogre in to a tea drinking vegetarian must be an amazing one for sure. Already he was formulating the outlines of the story he was going to take back to his friends. He had decided that there should be a witch in here somewhere as well. He had heard about witches but never seen one and this would be a perfect time to meet one. In fact, he thought, why stop there in terms of humans. So he made sure that there would be a prince and a princess in there as well. Some kings maybe if there was time, but definitely a prince and a princess. Content with the way that this story was evolving, he settled back to start listening to Jeff who had started talking about 5 minutes ago.

“So here I am, hanging from a cliff, relying on Kevin to pull me up, feeling very uncomfortable about the whole thing, because Kevin was 8 at the time and seemed to lack the good 40 pounds of muscle that he would need to do that. ”

“Whoa, back up a bit big guy, I kind of zoned out for a minute. Start from the beginning please?”

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…


There lived an Ogre named Jeff. Now, Jeff wasn’t your typical ogre, but we will get to that later. Right now, Jeff is about to make the best mistake of his life.

“Don’t do it man”, Arnold said. “You’re making a big mistake..”. Arnold was, to his own knowledge the biggest squirrel in the forest and Jeff’s best friend. To Jeff’s knowledge Arnold was a constant nuisance with delusions of grandeur. Arnold had found Jeff by accident. He had wondered off too far in his quest for nuts and had gotten horribly lost. As night fell he had sheltered in a small hole in an old tree.

This tree, as it turned out, appeared to be quite pleased to house the monster that woke Arnold at sunrise. It had housed many animals in its time. It still remembered the summer of a few centuries ago when two flocks of pigeons had waged a long and bloody war for the shelter of its leaves. But now the tree was old and the few leaves that crept up every spring were fewer every year and seemed more and more confused to the reason of their being there in the first place. So when a few years ago the ogre showed up and started fashioning a door in the big hole in its trunk and a chimney from the hollow top where once its leaves had played with the wind and everything else they could entertain themselves with, the tree was quite pleased with the change of pace. Being a tree can indeed become quite dull overtime.

“Who are you?”The green blur said. Arnold rubbed out his eyes and immediately wished he hadn’t. He was looking into two yellow eyes that seemed to be designed to look just a bit too big for the green, round and flat face that tried to contain them. When the monster opened its mouth again it displayed way more big, yellow teeth than any creature, monster or otherwise would ever have a purpose for and it exhumed a smell that made Arnold feel like he needed a bath desperately. Something he had never felt before. Because he was too busy taking in all these stimuli Arnold had completely missed the fact that the monster had spoken to him again. Luckily the monster was inclined to repeat itself.

“What are you doing in my home?”It said with a voice that sounded a lot like gravel making its evolutionary way into sand. Or at least it would have done to anyone who had heard gravel going through this long and tiresome process and decided to stick around to really take in the sound. Arnold was not one of these people and to him the voice of the creature sounded more like the sound of a rolling thunder that had already passed over the hill, like an afterthought after an already lost argument. Suffice it to say that the creature was not blessed with a soothing voice.

Now Arnold had never been one to shy away from danger. In fact in the stories that he brought back from his quests for nuts he had braved many tribulations; including but not limited to: Escaping from a rather annoyed and severely over reacting  dragon, outracing a flood after the beaver’s dam broke and outsmarting a wolf by a clever play on words. This time though he decided that the best course of action was to play dead and as convincingly as possible he flopped himself backwards and died.

“I can see you’re breathing”, the monster said. “Also, dead squirrels don’t say ouch when they hit their heads during the fall”. “They do when they’re not quite dead yet” Arnold said and immediately regretted that as well. He slowly opened one eye about a millimetre, only to look in to the surprisingly bored stare of the monster. He sprang to his feet and in the defensive crouch he had learned from a chicken once, ready for any attempt on his life.

Then, nothing happened…

And for a moment more, nothing continued to happen.

The squirrel was staring at the monster, the monster was staring at the squirrel and the tree, roused by all this excitement spontaneously grew another leaf. Unfortunately this leaf was immediately snatched out of existence by the monster as it was contemplating what to make of this new found life it was experiencing and offered to the squirrel .

“Want some breakfast?” The monster asked. Arnold shook his head doubtfully. He had not made up his mind yet about what to think of this monster and he was determined to keep his guard firmly up. Also, he had always preferred nuts for breakfast and wasn’t going to be tempted by the offered leaf. The monster shrugged and popped the leaf in its enormous mouth.

So far, the monster didn’t seem to make any move towards eating Arnold which disturbed him greatly. He straightened up and looked the monster dead in the eye. “So, you’re not going to eat me then?” He asked, with a slight hint of disappointment to his voice which disturbed him even more. The monster turned away and said: “I don’t do squirrels anymore”, as if that clarified what was becoming an increasingly strange situation. Arnold climbed out of the tree and followed the monster to the edge of a small point. Luckily there were more trees there so he could climb back to eye level. “Why?” He asked, wondering why he was so keen on finding out why this creature was refusing to eat him, rather than making a break for it before it changed its mind. “I’m a vegetarian now” the monster replied. “Have been for some years now”, he added, whilst continuing to harvest the long grass that grew at the water’s edge.  As the rational part of Arnold’s brain finally came back from its small break, asking what he had missed, Arnold decided that he was satisfied with this explanation and that he wouldn’t pursue the matter further. Instead, he decided it was time to get introduced.

“I’m Arnold”, he said and waited for a response. “I’m Jeff”, the monster responded, “now go away”. “Why?”, Arnold asked. “Because I like my privacy”, the monster replied. “Why?”, Arnold asked. “Because I dislike people disturbing my peace”, the monster replied. “Why?”, Arnold asked. “Because people that disturb my peace make me angry!” the monster replied. “Why?”, Arnold asked, skipping away from the big, shovel like hand of the monster. “Because I just want to be left alone!” the monster bellowed. This time his voice sounded like thunder coming back over the hill like somebody barging back in to the room saying: “and another thing…” while the rest of the party had already moved on to more interesting conversation. “Why?” Arnold asked, skilfully dodging a rock the size of an anvil. “Because!”, the monster screamed. “Why?” Arnold screamed back. “Because… because”, the monster sighed and set down on the huge marble slab that served as a door step. “Because I’m a vegetarian Ogre”, he said.

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First Post!

Hello world,

Hi! It’s me again. Some of you may know that there was a time in my life when I used to blog about things that were going on in my little corner of existence. I was 19 at the time and living in Barcelona and life was giving me a crash course at growing up. I went there to study marketing and such and came back having learned bundles, but without further knowledge about marketing whatsoever.

Now, this was partly because the marketing course that was being taught there was basically an entry level course and stuff I already knew, but mostly because there were palm trees right outside the school. Growing palm trees in front of a university is, in my opinion, the dumbest thing any person could think of and being it that this was a serious university I was highly disappointed with the cognitive qualities of the people that claimed to possess knowledge, that they would very much like to share with me. I say this because there is absolutely nothing less motivating then to sit inside while the sun is shining on a palm tree filled world outside. Especially, if there is a beach nearby. So, long story short, academically Barcelona failed to impress, but as a city it was infinitely more impressive. I had the time of my life there and tried to capture this in words on my blog, to mostly my own amusement.

Then, internet came along and stole my blog. In fact, word press, the site that I’m currently posting this blog on, stole my blog. I am sure that they told me that they were buying MSN spaces, but I obviously failed to get the message. Therefore, I was completely oblivious of them taking my blog and carefully deleting it from existence. Now, taking something from someone, without them knowing that you are taking it, is stealing in my book. So, word press stole my blog and now I’m replacing with an even more epic one (in my mind). You see, life has taken me through a truckload of experiences and we have got some catching up to do. Also, I am now a very opinionated 26 year old and my friends have all respectfully asked me to start a blog so they can read about all my wonderful opinions on things at their own leisure, in stead of having to hear me babble about them all the time. I have got very nice friends…

So here it is, I hope you’ll like it.

Hugs and kisses,


P.S: I’ve also started writing a little fiction story and I have decided to crowdsource (that’s a thing now right?) it. Not because I’m stuck, just because I think it’s a cool idea. Stay tuned for Chapter 1.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Nederlanders+zon= BBQ!!!

Ja lieve luitjes,
He’s baaaack!!! Het koude kikkerlandje bleek niet meer zo koud te zijn ( voor nu dan) en dat scheelde wel want regen had ik echt niet kunnen waarderen. Deze keer gevlogen bij vueling en door de lieve stewardes geplaatst in een stoel bij de nooduitgang. Dit heeft twee voordelen, ten eerste, mocht ie neerstorten en je leeft nog ben je maar lekker dicht bij de nooduitgang, en er is echt gigantisch veel beenruimte. Aangezien ik om 6u ‘s ochtends vloog en dus een nachtje door had gehaald zou je toch denken dat ik de hele weg dus lekker heb kunnen slapen. Helaas helaas, ik kon niet slapen maar was wel heel erg moe en had dus geen idee wat ik met mezelf aan moest. Terwijl naast me een zeker persoon languit over 3 stoelen lag te pitten. My god the envy!!! Maar goed daar stond tegen over dat mijn koffertje als eerste over de bagageband binnen kwam. Dus dat was goed. Wat ook erg goed was was dat ik weer lekker thuis was met de familie. Na een dagje gechilled te hebben heb ik ook de eerste kilometers weer in de auto doorgebracht. Ging best goed. Die mevrouw op de fiets stond gewoon weer op dus dus dat viel uiteindelijk wel mee.
Maar het allerbelangrijkste gebeurde de avond dat ik thuis kwam. Annika had namelijk op een hele slinkse manier geregeld dat Maartje en Floortje ( en wat familie) die avond langs zouden komen. Dus toen de deur open ging en ze binnen kwamen wandelen stond ik wel even met mijn mondje vol tanden. Aangezien het dutje dat ik die dag had gedaan de enige slaap was dat ik had gehad ging de avond een klein beetje langs mee heen maar het was echt super om de meiden en de familie weer te zien. Verrassing alom dus. Volgens mij hebben de dames daar een patent op ofzo.
In ieder geval, een zonnige weekend zonder BBQ is natuurlijk geen zonnig weekend en dus gisteren met t gezin lekker in de tuin gegeten.
En dat was het weer zo’n beetje. Ik denk dat dit mijn laatste berichtje wordt voor een tijdje aangezien het barcelona-effect er nu wel af is. Ik dank jullie allemaal voor het lezen en de berichtjes en de leuke reacties. Ik heb een supertoffe tijd gehad in Barcelona en daar hebben jullie ook wel een beetje aan bijgedragen.
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Toppers in Barca…

Hey mijn lieve familieleden, vrienden, kenissen en stalkers hier weer een nieuwe bijdrage aan jullie wekelijkse leesplezier. Vandaag om dat het einde nadert een lijstjes blog. Nederland is dol op lijstjes heb ik gehoord dus daarom heb ik een paar top 3’s samen gesteld. Enjoy!
1. Top 3 Levenslessen:
1. Buiten de badkamer kan je altijd de hulp van anderen gebruiken.
2. Mensen blijven verrassen, eerste indrukken zijn bijzonder weinig waard.
3. Als je wil koken dan kan je dat, wil je het niet dan zal je het ook nooit leren.
2. Top 3 openbaringen over Catelanen:
1. Ze zijn veel te trots op zichzelf ( afgaande op wat ze gepresteerd hebben).
2. Als je Spaans wil leren moet je niet met een Catelaan in gesprek gaan.
3. Orthodontisten vinden hier een gat in de markt.
3. Top 3 Discotheken:
1. Razzmatazz.
2. Otto Sutz ( weet nog steeds niet hoe je dat schrijft geloof ik… hoe erg!)
3. La Terazza.
4. Top 3 Gaudi trips:
1. Park Guell ( echt heel mooi).
2. Sagrada familia ( zo vaag dat het bijna mooi wordt).
3. Casa Battlo ( ofzoiets… zo lelijk dat het gewoon mooi is).
5. Top 3 Oranje momenten:
1. Doelpunt van Robben tegen Servie& Montenegro.
2. Eindsignaal van de scheids tegen Ivoorkust ( ik was echt halfdood toen).
3. Feest in Bar Amsterdam.
6. Top 3 Strand momenten:
1. Eerste stranddag in Februari ofzo (!!! was ook meteen de laatste voor een hele tijd).  
2. Strandfeestje met Thijs, Pim en de rest.
3. " Bodysurfen" met Thijs en Inge in het golfslagbad van Barcelona.
7. Top 3 zelf bedachte recepten:
1. Ovenschotel a la Stefan.
2. Pasta saus a la Stefan.
3. Rijst met iets a la Stefan.
8. Top 3 Huisgenoten:
1. Fernando
2. Mich en Ric ( hoor ze nog steeds naar elkaar schreeuwen… heel vriendelijk btw).
3. Kevin
9. Top 3 irritaties:
1. Catelanen.
2. Al de drama’s.
3. Het afwas incident met Sharon ( hier ga ik verder niet op in).
10. Top 3 hoogtepunten:
1. De harde kern ( Maart, Floor en Kev.)
2. Feesten op z’n brabants featuring Gelderland en Flevoland in de House!
3. Hoog bezoek uit Nederland ( de padres en de hermanas).
11. Top 3 inspirerende vakken op school:
12. Top 3 nuttelose vakken op school:
1. Dirreccion Comercial.
2. Politicas de bla bla bla.
3. Sociologia de nog wat.
13. Top 3 dieptepunten:
1. Insomnia.
2. Spaanse televisie.
3. Het festival @ Forum ( wat een pisfestival was dat!!)
4. Even vals spelen: Afscheid nemen is ook niet alles.
14. Top 3 Bar Amsterdam medewerkers:
1. Onze eigen Maart.
2. Floris.
3. IKKUH!!! ( mocht een keer de op de borden krijten… zo droeg ik toch mijn steentje bij).
15. Top 3 appartement gerelateerde irritaties:
1. De bovenbuurman.
2. Mijn kamer.
3. Het " geweldige" draadloze internet dat het op mijn bureau niet doet maar op het randje van mijn bed wel).
16. Top 3 partyanimals:
1. Robby.
2. Kevin.
3. Rok ( a.k.a. Ivan Dreco)
17. Top 3 data:
1. 20 januari ( mijn aankomst)
2. 7 april ( mijn verjaardag)
3. 30 april ( koninginnedag met Annika in de huiiisss)
18. Top 3 bijna-dood ervaringen:
1. Vliegen.
2. Catalaanse taxichauffeurs.
3. Caipirinha drinken met Kev, Robby en de rest ( zien jullie hoe dat bijna klinkt als Ernst, Bobby en de rest? Hilarisch toch??)
19. Top 3 van dingen die ik mis in Nederland:
1. Nederlandse supermarkten ( de keuze is er reuze).
2. Mijn homeys ( en mijn family natuurlijk).
3. Nederlandse televisie.
20. Top 3 van dingen die ik hier ga missen:
1. De mensen ( van al die verschillende nationaliteiten!) .
2. De feesten.
3. De gezelligheid.
21. Top 3 grote prestaties:
1. De congierge verstaan, soms ( want ze praat echt heeeel snel).
2. Een project en presentatie voldoende afsluiten in het Spaans.
3. Overleven.
22. Top 3 beetje jammer momenten:
1. Met een kater ( en te laat) in het appartement van mijn ouders verschijnen.
2. Dan helemaal dood in bed kruipen.
3. En het dan niet op kunnen brengen om even te stappen met de zusters.
23. Top 3 dingen waar ik naar uit kijk in Nederland:
1. Mijn eigen ( gigantische) bed.
2. Auto rijden.
3. Stappen in Enschede.
24. Top 3 stomme beslissingen:
1. Op vakantie gaan in Blanes ( anderhalf uur van Barcelona… wordt wel lachen hoor trouwens!!).
2. Politicas de jadieja nemen als extra vak.
3. Naar het festival @ Forum gaan ( wat een pisfestival was dat zeg!!)
25. Top 3 goede beslissingen:
1. Mijn studie dat mij de kans gaf deze ervaring op te doen.
2. Bij Kevin gaan staan toen hij de twee blondste dames aansprak na de Spaanse test ( Maart en Floor).
3. Mijn appartement van te voren regelen ( want het hier regelen is echt een bitch!!)
Nou jongens en meisjes dat waren 25 top 3tjes. Van jullie verwacht ik er maar eentje… de top 3 Blogs van ondergetekende.
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